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Offering Non-Traditional Financing Services in Mandeville, LA

Buying a home is likely one of the most important purchases you will make. However, securing traditional financing solutions can often be tricky for many individuals. Pelican Escrow Services, LLCis here to help. We offer a number of non-traditional financing services in Mandeville, LA, including bond for deed arrangements and private mortgages. In a bond for deed arrangement, the buyer agrees to pay for the home in installments, and once the total purchase price is reached, the seller will transfer the deed. As an Escrow agent, our firm will act as a neutral third party in the agreement and ensure that both parties follow the agreed-upon provisions.

As for a private mortgage, we can act as a neutral, third-party administrator for the mortgage. Unlike in traditional mortgages, the seller acts as the lender and ensures the financing. This is beneficial for the buyer as they do not need to meet the stringent requirements of a bank, while the seller can earn interest allowing them to make even more on their home sale. To learn more about the alternative real estate financing solutions we have to offer or to discuss your current real estate transaction, reach out to our office.