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Servicing Bond for Deed and Private Mortgages

We’re a third-party administrator escrow agent in Mandeville, LA. We hold money in an escrow trust fund for real estate taxes, insurance, homeowner association fees, and home warranties. We collect payments and make deposits for investors, landlords, and homeowner associations.

A Dependable Escrow Agent in Mandeville, LA

Purchasing a home is a significant investment, and it’s a process that takes time. To make this major life milestone as smooth and simple as possible, you can depend on us at Pelican Escrow Services, LLC to act as your escrow agent in Mandeville, LA. We’re ready to answer all the questions you may have so that you can make an informed decision that’s right for your family.

We not only serve clients throughout the region, but we also have the resources to work with families and individuals nationwide. As a reliable escrow agent, we also specialize in Bond for Deed contracts. With the support of our friendly and experienced staff, together, we will navigate the market and find solutions that best fit your goals. Our team works closely with REALTORS®, title companies, lenders, and attorneys to deliver a positive experience and help you meet your objectives whether you’re buying or selling.

Financing Types

There are financing choices that can be made to work for your particular situation, and we can explain them fully when you choose us for escrow services. For example, borrowers with limited options, such as public and non-profit housing organizations, may select the non-traditional Owner Financing method. This lets you buy a property where the seller ensures the financing, not a bank or lender. This scenario benefits the buyer and seller.

In a Bond for Deed contract, the purchase price is paid in installments, and the title is transferred upon payment completion. This is also called a land contract or contract for deed. When you wish to learn more about our services, you can reach one of our experienced agents by contacting us.

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About Us

You can make the best real estate decisions for your family by working with us at Pelican Escrow Services, LLC. We are licensed and bonded and service private mortgages throughout the country while specializing in Louisiana Bond for Deed contracts. We hold money in a secured fund for real estate escrow – property taxes, insurance, homeowner association dues, and home warranties.

Our courteous and professional staff members will help you navigate any market to locate a solution that works for you. We aim at building deep customer relationships so call us today. Our goal is to schedule your closing when and where it’s most convenient for you, even if it’s in the evening or on the weekend.

Your Home Financing Experts 

Not everyone can buy a house with cash, which is why so many real estate financing options are available to buyers. Your home is a significant investment, and as such, you need experts who understand your situation so you’re comfortable with the debt load and repayment requirements. When you find your dream property, you want to know you can enjoy it without worrying about financing.  

Protecting Your Financial Future 

Real estate financing options are as unique as the individuals who need them, so we tailor our services to each client. Put your trust in our professional team to provide all the information needed to protect your financial future and ensure you can enjoy a comfortable life in your dream home. We’ll ensure you have the information needed to make smart investment decisions and can prepare to spend years enjoying your new house.  
Talk to us today about what you need to get into your next home, and we’ll take the time to listen. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or an investor looking to expand your portfolio, we’d love to be a part of your next real estate adventure. Call now to learn more about our comprehensive services. 



New Orleans Metropolitan Association of REALTORS® (NOMAR)


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